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300 LIMS, Last Icon Maker Standing

300 LIMS - Last Icon Maker Standing
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Last icon maker standing community for the movie 300
Moderator: carmiana

Header by: carmiana Layout style sheet by refuted and edited by spikesbint ... thanks!

Some pictures used in the challenge are by panda_bear_inc and marishna Thanks!

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Welcome to 300_lims - a Last Icon Maker Standing Community dedicated to the awesome movie 300. In a LIMS competition, an image is provided each week from which you must make your icon. Voting will take place with the least favorite icons eliminated each week until there is only one participant left, leaving them to be the LAST ICON MAKER STANDING.

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--Join the community and then sign up. Make sure to also friend the community so you can keep up on challenges and reminders posted.

--You must put "SPARTA" somewhere in your comment to the sign-up post so that I know you've read the rules.

--Sign-ups for Round 3 are scheduled to end on July 12, but may be extended if we don't have enough participants by then. After the first challenge is posted you will have 1 week to submit your icon. Everyone MUST enter the first challenge or be disqualified. NO skips are allowed for the first challenge.


--Everyone is automatically granted ONE SKIP when signing up. You can earn another TWO SKIPS if you promote the community and give me a link to where you have promoted it. Please notify me in advance if you are taking a skip. Unlike last Round, you will not be automatically disqualified for failing to let me know, however, I do appreciate it if you do - it makes it easier on me if I know whether or not to expect your entry.


--Each week one new image will be posted. That image is the only image you are allowed to use. There will occasionally be more than one picture posted for you to choose from. Stock photos, brushes, textures, etc are all allowed. You must make an icon from that picture.

--Entries must meet Live Journal standards. They must be submitted as per the tutorial posted below. Do NOT post your submission ANYWHERE until AFTER the voting period. If anyone is caught doing this, you and your submission will be DISQUALIFIED.

--Entries will be due each Saturday by 10:00 p.m. Eastern time with voting posted as soon after as possible.

--Voting will last for 24 hours, until 10:00 p.m. Sunday. The next challenge will be posted shortly after or at the latest the next morning.

--Vote for the icons that you think should be VOTED OUT, NOT the best ones; so basically, your least favorite. For every icon you choose, you must have a valid reason for wanting to vote it out. For the record, "I don't like it" is NOT a valid excuse. Comments will be screened and kept anonymous.

--DO NOT vote for yourself or have friends vote for you.

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Would you like to affiliate with 300_lims? Please let me know by leaving a comment with the name of your community here.


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How to Post Your Icon

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